1. Where and how can I sign up for FMK Loyalty?
The FMK Loyalty App is available in the Apple App Store or Android App Store. Once the app is downloaded you will need to sign up for your FREE account and must use your cell phone number during signup. Once your account is created you will be able to start earning rewards. You must have a smartphone to sign up as this is the only way you will be able to join FMK Loyalty.
2. When will my Loyalty Rewards expire?
Your rewards will not expire unless you cancel your FMK Loyalty account.
3. How can I check my current rewards?
You can check your visits / punches status on the "My Punch Card" page in the app. You can check your "Rewards" on the "My Gifts" page in the app.
4. What FMK locations can I visit?
Any of our FMK Restaurant locations will accept the FMK Loyalty App.
5. How do I earn a visit / punch?
Every time you visit any of our family of restaurants and spend $10.00 or more (before tax & tip) you will receive one (1) visit / punch on your card. Prior to checkout, guest must write down phone number on the receipt and inform server. Your visit will automatically show up shortly after check is completed. (Pull down on screen to refresh and see your visits on the "My Punch Card" page.)
6. How do I earn my store credit?
Every time a member visits any of our family of restaurants 10 times and receives 10 valid visits/punches on their account, they will receive a $10 credit on their FMK Loyalty app to use on their next visit. Once you have earned 10 visits/punches, the visits/punches will then reset back to zero and the process will begin again.
7. How do I redeem my credits?
Your credits will act as a gift card on the FMK Loyalty App. You may use your earned credits at any time and the credits will not expire. To redeem credits guest must write down phone number on the receipt and inform server you have credit on your account that you would like to use and they will use your phone number to redeem your credit at prior to checkout.
8. Can I still receive visits if I forgot my phone?
Yes, you can still receive visits if you forgot your phone. Guest must write down phone number on the receipt and inform server before payment and they will log your visit on your account. When you get back to your phone you will see that your credit was registered.
9. How will we learn about specials and events?
We will push notifications to you to inform you of bonus discounts, double visit days, limited time deals, events and much more. To make sure you get the most out of the My Rewards App please make sure you allow for all notifications.
10. Will you still send out emails?
Yes, we will still send out emails but you will have to register your email address under your account profile in the FMK Loyalty App to receive emails. We will no longer use our previous email system.
11. How do I keep track of tiers?
You can view your points on the FMK Loyalty App home page. Once you cross a certain threshold the app will automatically notify you and you will have a new home screen graphic and earn the associated rewards & gifts in that tier. (See front page)