Loyal Tee FAQ

Loyal Tee Rewards Program

Our new benefits program is a great way to earn rewards on the things your already enjoy. It's only $20 to join an you can track your balance online at any time. When you're ready for a bite to eat, you already know where to go!

Loyal Tee Card must be registered to receive visits. Visits cannot be received until Loyal Tee Card is registered.

Below are answers to some of the most common questions. Or if you're eager to get started, click the button below.

Loyal Tee FAQ

1. Where and how can I purchase my Loyal Tee Card?

Loyal Tee cards must be purchased at a MK restaurant and have limited availability. Loyal Tee cards cannot be purchased online.

2. Who will sell the cards?

Any staff member at any of our Fresh Made Kitchen Restaurant Group facilities will be able to assist you in the purchasing of our Loyal Tee Card. Activation of the card is the responsibility of the purchaser.

3. When will my membership expire?

1 Year after registration.

4. How can I check my current earnings?

The webpage of any of our facilities will have a Loyal Tee Card link to allow you to view your credits earned.

5. Can I purchase this card as a gift?

Yes, You may purchase the Loyal Tee Card for anyone you choose. The person that registers the card will be the owner of the card and it’s benefits.

6. What happens if I lose my card?

Any lost or stolen Loyal Tee Card can be cancelled, however, a guest must purchase a new Loyal Tee Card and register the card again.

7. Can I add users to my account?

We do not allow the addition of users to an account. Only the registered card holder is eligible for credits earned.

8. What location accepts my card?

Any of our Fresh Made Kitchen Restaurant Group facilities will accept our card.

9. How do I earn Visit Credits?

Every time you visit any of our family of restaurants, simply present your card at time of payment and you will earn a visit credit. The visit credit will show on your receipt.

10. Can I combine any other discounts or promotions with my Loyal Tee Card?

Unfortunately we cannot accept or combine any other promotions or discounts with your Loyal Tee Card.

11. How many Promotional Drinks may I purchase with my Loyal Tee Card?

Your Loyal Tee card will allow you to purchase promotional drinks for the card holder and one guest only. Promotional drinks are limited to 4 per guest.

12. How Do I Earn Visits?

Visits are earned by dining at any of our 5 restaurants and spending a minimum of $10. Simply give your card to your server when asking for your check. The server will assign a visit to your card.

13. How Do I Earn Credits?

Every time a member visits any of our family of restaurants 15 times, they will receive a $15 credit on their Loyal Tee Card. Once you have earned 15 visits, the visits will then reset back to zero and the process will begin again. You may earn as many 15 visits = $15 credits as possible in your one year membership.

14. How do I redeem my credits?

Your credits will act as a gift card on your Loyal Tee Card. You may use your earned credits at anytime and the credits will not expire until your year membership ends.

15. Can your earned credit rewards be carried over to the next month?

Yes, credits only expire after your membership expires.

16. How will we learn about specials and events?

We will post specials in print ad and through Electronic Mail (e-mail). The e-mail address that you list on the registration process of your Loyal Tee Card will be our way of electronically contacting you with special events.

17. Can I still receive points if I forgot my card?

Unfortunately your Loyal Tee Card must be present at the time of purchase to receive your rewards.

18. Can I receive a refund?

Unfortunately there are no refunds. Sales of the Loyal Tee card are final.