Food Principles

Great food starts with great ingredients.

Our Food

bruschetta chicken

Serving delicious meals with exceptional customer service has been FMK’s priority since inception. But so much more goes into the preparation of our menu items before they can be served to guests.

FMK’s food philosophy is great food starts with great ingredients. That means we are passionate about sourcing the highest quality ingredients that support sustainable and ethical business practices to prepare our carefully crafted dishes.

Wholesome seasonal dishes and specials are created to ensure a fresh and inspired menu to satisfy every pallet. As a company, FMK recognizes the importance of where our ingredients come from and how they are grown. This knowledge has become an integral part of how guests chose their meals and in turn, how we develop our nutritious recipes.

Our Commitment:

FMK is committed to serving a wide variety of delectable menu items that meet guests’ preferences and dietary needs. That means continuing to evolve with the advancements in the culinary industry, with a focus on maintaining best-in-class food sources and safety.

We are dedicated to educating our guests to make informed dietary decisions by providing information about healthy options and food allergies. Our diverse menus cater to a wide variety of dietary needs, such as gluten free and vegetarian.

Every day, the focus of our entire team is preparing superior, healthy meals our guests will enjoy eating.