Restaurant Culture

FMK is more than a job; it’s a culture, a community, a career.

Our Culture

managers and employees

Our success is a result of our team members’ dedication to creating excellent guest experiences each time they come through our doors.

We aim to foster that dedication by growing a strong, community-focused environment where we can offer our team members support and opportunities to expand their jobs into successful careers in the restaurant industry.

At FMK, we pride ourselves on the culture we’ve built. By creating an atmosphere where our team members are valued and respected, we’ve crafted the sort of community they are proud to be a part of, and where they always strive to do their best.

Our Opportunities

We want FMK to be more than just a job. We want it to be the beginning of a fulfilling career in the restaurant industry. Our team of industry professionals at FMK strives to offer opportunities to expand the skills of our team members, supplying them with knowledge and experience that will ensure success no matter where their careers take them.

At FMK our team’s success is our success. We invest in our team members and have structured our business to promote from within, making an entry level position at FMK a career path to success. We are committed to finding team members the position best suited for them and developing their skills so they can grow and excel personally and professionally.