Health & Wellness

Good food and Good Health go hand in hand.

Our Health

fresh vegetables

Health and Wellness has always been at the center of FMK’s core values. We believe anyone in the culinary field has a responsibility to uphold the highest standards in wholesome ingredients and honest nutrition.

FMK is honored to have the trust of their guests when it comes to providing them with healthy meals. When creating our menus from handpicked wholesome ingredients, health is at the forefront of our minds. Every item undergoes strict nutritional analysis; considering calories, sodium, fat, and portion size, while never sacrificing taste.

At FMK, we make it easy to find the right meals. We list special dietary meals clearly. We offer Gluten Free and Vegetarian options on every menu.

Our Focus:

  • Ensuring our guests have a variety of menu options to choose from.
  • Access to and meals that fit lifestyle and dietary needs.
  • Educating our culinary team to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Educating our serving team to be knowledgeable in our dietary and nutritional values.

The bottom line is health and wellness is an important focus for FMK. We want our guests to feel confident in their meals. Good food and Good Health go hand in hand.